zan beachI’m an anthropologist turned writer living in Cape Town with my husband (a farm boy at heart) and my two young sons (not so farmy). After nearly a decade on the expat trail, we’re staying put for a while, exploring ways to tread a little lighter, without having to transplant from the suburbs to the sticks (though that’s tempting).

This blog chronicles our journey as we simplify and whittle down. Finding ways, however tiny, to reconnect with nature, ditch the plastic, scale back the technology and, hopefully, learn how to grow our own food. Here are some tips to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • I love composting! To read about why and how I compost, head over here.
  • I also love growing veggies, but am a bit of a newbie. For the trials and tribulations of our veggie garden and some of what I’ve learnt (and am learning!), check out Grow.
  • We’re working on drastically whittling down our waste. Composting is a big part of this, but our other efforts can be found in the Reduce category.
  • Before settling in Cape Town, we lived in Beijing for 3 years, Hong Kong for 2 (where my first son was born) and London for 3 (where my second son was born). Those days feel like a lifetime ago but every now and again, in and amongst all the domesticity and growing, I love flashing back to our expat days. You’ll find those posts in Expat Tales.
  • I’m something of a luddite (I know, strange for a blogger) and have a fairly fraught relationship with technology. I do some navel-gazing about that in Technofiles.
  • And if you’re a lover of lists, you’ll wanna go here.

While I hope you’ll be inspired and find a few useful tips, much of what I write is about the journey — the stops and starts and the tweaks. It’s all quite new for us and we’re figuring it out as we go along.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing about your own sustainability journey!

(the backyard anthropologist)